Outsourced HR Management

Our HR management outsourcing service helps you remove the hassle and headache of recruiting and staffing the right candidates for your contact center. Our service goes beyond simply getting the hiring work done. With our deep experience and expertise in contact center management, we help you find and hire qualified talents who meet your business requirements and fit your company culture and values.

To fulfill our commitment to high quality professional service, we provide comprehensive, initial training for new hires to get them onboarded. Therefore, you can be confident that your new employees receive basic training prior to starting their day one at your company. Our service package also covers a one-time replacement in the event that a new hire fails to make it past the probation period.

This business support model gives you the benefits of cost and time savings, while you still maintain full control over your workforce. With its easy and straightforward billing approach, you pay one-time charge per headcount and just leave the tedious and demanding recruiting tasks to the expert. Hence, you can focus on what matters most and devote your valuable resources on your core business instead.