On-Premise System Rental

Driving Successful CAPEX Savings Strategies with
Increased Scalability, Control, and Security

Designed and developed as a hybrid of premise-based and rental contact center solutions, our on-premise rental model covers both Contact Center System and CRM solution that can be deployed on the premises specified by customers.
It reduces the burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware while providing contact center operators with an ability to dictate various processes within their contact center. Most importantly, it is extremely secure as all the hardware and software are operated and maintained at a single location.


  • No massive investment required, especially in costly contact center infrastructure (e.g., hardware purchases and installations).
  • Take advantage of exclusive access to your own or private system while getting the benefit typically reserved for hosted deployment such as immediate assistance from terrabit’s technical support team for all related issues.
  • Can be implemented in a flash and kept up to date with the latest technology.
  • With on-premise system, your IT infrastructure is on-site which would assure reliable, direct connection and high voice quality.
  • Pay on a pay-as-you-go basis, a simple rental model that requires only regular monthly fees and helps drive successful CAPEX savings strategies.
  • Stay focused on what matters most in IT resource management and business performance as its features and service levels fit current and future needs.
  • On-call support specialists.