maxar ruanmitr

Innovative and Intelligent CRM Solution
for Contact Center Management

Create superior customer experiences with MAXAR Ruamitr

In the age of immediacy in which now becomes the norm, frontline agents are faced with increasing pressure and stress to meet higher-than-ever customer expectations—instant gratification, quick results, and personalized experience—all while maintaining optimal performance (handling time, response time, first contact resolution, service level, and more). Therefore, it has never been more imperative to have necessary tools in place to empower your agents to provide the best service in the quickest possible time.

MAXAR Ruamitr is an innovative contact center-based CRM solution. It is designed for effective management of both inbound and outbound customer service and marketing campaign for all contact channels, combined with real-time performance monitoring and quality administration tools to improve agent’s engagement, increase productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

Engage. Enhance. Empower.

MAXAR Ruamitr provides your agents with necessary tools that optimize their efficiency, performance, and productivity. Its intelligent features and functions help reduce your agents’ pressure and frustration by making them well-equipped to handle customers’ queries quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Its unified platform and dynamic case management simplify the entire workflows and empower your agents to proactively provide personalized service that delivers real value.

By automating workflows and case creation, together with quick templates and instant content, MAXAR Ruamitr helps shorten handling time, eliminate human errors, and improve input accuracy and quality. Highly accurate and complete entries enable your team supervisors, operation managers, and QA team to maintain the integrity and validity of critical operational data, statistics, and reports. It ensures that you have completely accurate view and insights of SLAs and performance to effectively manage your operations and make proactive, informed decision-making in your customer experience strategy.

MAXAR Ruamitr is also designed to help your business maintain flexibility to account for future changes in a time- and cost-effective manner. Unlike other rigid, out of the box solutions, it is configurable to allow for personalization of certain aspects and functions at a greater extent to meet your changing business requirements. It empowers your operation support/IT team to make changes internally and quickly, should the need for changes or adjustments to your business processes and operations arise.

Improving your workforce experience is then the first crucial step to providing superior customer experience. And it begins with smart solution that helps facilitate hard work, boost productivity, improve performance and accuracy, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.