Cloud Contact Center

Greater Scalability, Improved Efficiency, and Lower Costs

Our cloud contact center solution can help organizations meet the challenges of communicating with their customers. It is hosted in the cloud and eliminates the need for contact center units to deploy or maintain any hardware system other than computers, headphones, telephones, and Internet connection that agents and supervisors need to access the system

With this, remote agents or virtual agents are able to connect to the system from everywhere, promising greater scalability, improved efficiency, and lower costs. It is also an ideal choice for brands, businesses, and organizations looking to optimize their customer service practices.


  • Easy to set up and use immediately.
  • Eliminate the need to manage and maintain necessary IT infrastructure in-house and the cost thereof.
  • Specifically suit businesses with IT resources constraints.
  • Enable brands and their agents to work from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Empower agents to handle customer data across various channels and help them resolve cases with greater precision, resulting in optimal customer experiences.
  • Allow true scalability when needed. During peak times, for example, additional user licenses may be purchased for a specified period as needed to keep up with increasing demand.
  • Significantly reduce the upfront costs that typical on-premise solutions normally require and allow contact centers to lower TCO and other costs by using a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Offer enhanced security and continuous operational functionality (e.g., enabling mobile agents to connect to customers from anywhere and anytime through mobile devices).
  • Providers basically take care of IT infrastructure maintenance as well as hardware and software upgrades and upkeep.
  • Available on public or private cloud of your choice.
  • Deployed on multi-tenant hosting or dedicated server at third party data center as preferred.
  • Hosted in secure, ISO 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 20001:2011, and ISO 22301:2012 certified, Thailand-based data center which provides high level of stability and full redundancy and backup with 99.99% uptime, 24X7X365 security, and 3 redundant data centers across the country (Internet Thailand —Thai Summit Tower, Bangkok Thai Tower, and Saraburi province).
  • On-call support specialists.