Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice aims to clarify a privacy policy of Terrabit Company Limited related to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information received through various channels, both online and offline. Your personal information will be collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with provisions of the privacy law and other applicable laws and regulations. This Notice also identifies the relevant processing purposes and describes your rights as a data subject as follows:

About Us

Terrabit Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company,’ ‘we,’ ‘our,’ ‘us’) is seriously taking our responsibilities under The Personal Data Protection Act. B.E. 2562 (PDPA). This policy will apply to all the personal data that is collected, retained, processed, used, and disclosed by us via both online and offline channels, such as our website, our contact center services, etc. If you have any questions or concerns about our practices in the collection, retention, and use of the personal data, we welcome you to contact our Personal Data Protection Officer at:

Terrabit Company Limited

Orakarn Building G Floor, 26/1 Soi Chidlom, Ploenchit Rd. Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Tel: +66 2 257 4249


Upon receiving your questions or concerns, our representative will contact you within a reasonable time to respond to your questions or concerns. In some case, further information would be requested to verify your identity.

What is Personal Data?

‘Personal Data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased persons in particular.

What Personal Data that the Company Collects, Uses, and/or Discloses?

The personal data that we will collect related to our services, whether now or in the future, includes but is not limited to:

3.1 Personal data that you gave us directly, or through the use of our products and/or services in whichever channels that can directly or indirectly identify you, such as

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Social media contact details and email address
  • Details of emergency contacts
  • Payment information, e.g., bank account number, parts of credit card credentials, citizen/tax identification number, passport number
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Signature
  • Family members information
  • Academic, training, and work experience information, such as academic and training background, academic certificate or transcript, professional licenses information, registration number, work experiences, monthly salaries, or wages.

3.2 Your personal data or data related to you indirectly given from your usage of our products and/or services, such as device information (e.g., IP address, MAC address, Cookie ID, UUID, hardware model). The Company might associate this information to your account with us.

3.3 The usage and transaction data that is collected automatically through your usage of our products and/or services, such as:

3.3.1 Log information: The log data is automatically collected by the system via the Company's and/or 3rd party tools, e.g., Google Analytics, Facebook, when you use our products and/or services. The Company might send cookies or other tools that aid this collection. Log information is, for example:

  • Account/User profiles
  • Log in and log out events
  • Search queries
  • Input data
  • Command actions
  • Transaction logs
  • Voice recordings
  • IP address
  • Errors, warnings
  • Logged in devices, software version, software installation details

3.3.2 Location Information: When you use a location-enabled service and have given the permission to collect the location information, we may collect, store, process information out of that data and use or redistribute the data and information in non-personally identifiable forms.

3.3.3 Sensitive data such as religion, criminal record, health data, health examination result, disability, and biometric data or similar categories of such data, for identification and/or verification using the sensitive data as required by certain services that you opt for.

3.4 Service behavior information including the history of using our services and products.

3.5 Survey information or questionnaires related to products and services.

3.6 Records of service usage to improve the quality of services and/or to resolve the service issues (e.g., information of recording security cameras, records of photo via electronic media or other medias, voice recording of conversations).

3.7 Certain information required to comply with law, or requests from law enforcement agencies and/or court orders.

The Sources of Personal Data

The Company may obtain your personal data via any of the following channel:

4.1 The Company directly receives personal data from you, where the Company will collect your personal data from several service processes including:

  • When you receive any of our services;
  • When you willingly respond to our surveys or emails or any other means (e.g., SMS);
  • When you use our products and services. We collect required information to support you (e.g., name-surname, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact date and time, service duration);
  • When you visit the Company's website through your browser’s cookies;

4.2 Information that we collect from third parties, who have the rights to disclose your information by your consent under applicable law, including information considered as a supporting data for the Company to develop and deliver the desired solutions and services to you. The Company may receive such information via email, phone, or documents in which the disclosure person has the rights to provide personal information lawfully or to be informed through various service processes in the Company that collects the information itself as described above.

The Purposes of Personal Data Collection

The Company will collect, use, and disclose your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

5.1 To fulfill the service contract agreement, enforce our terms of service, and provide your use of services and/or access to the site;

5.2 To improve our products and services;

5.3 To conduct research, analysis, and development activities regarding behaviors of yours using products and services to create a database and to provide services (including but not limited to data analytics, surveys, technology development and/or profiling), and to offer you with better products or services and/or benefits of the Company or our business partners;

5.4 To inform and offer privileges, information, and promotions;

5.5 To carry out our marketing analysis, plans, and activity campaigns;

5.6 To provide after sales services, respond to your questions/concerns, facilitate any enquiries, suggestions, requests, or complaints with respect to our products and/or services, and to resolve the issues;

5.7 To research, monitor, and analyze customer use of our products and services on an anonymous or personalized basis, in order to identify general trends and improve our understanding of our customers’ behaviors;

5.8 To use for identification and/or verification in registering our product and/or services;

5.9 To facilitate service payments related to product and service usages or purchases;

5.10 To comply with or as required by any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements of any relevant jurisdiction and/or any other necessity for the legitimate interests of the Company;

5.11 As the purposes for which the applicable law allows us to collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data without your consent;

5.12 To manage and fulfill your orders, send you invoices and purchase orders, notify the payment, prepare the receipts and tax invoices, collect payment for our products and/or services, or ask for payment;

5.13 To protect and keep our services and network secure, and monitor the customer activities, to protect your personal safety and rights, safety of others and the Company;

5.14 To protect and keep our place of business secure (e.g., closed circuit security cameras for safety and crime prevention);

5.15 To prevent or suppress a danger to a person’s life, body, or health.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

6.1 The Company will collect, use, and/or process your personal data for the purposes specified in the previous section and in accordance with the laws and regulations. The Company may disclose your personal data to other persons to the extent permissible under your consent or law. The persons or entities receiving such data will collect, use, and/or disclose the personal data to the extent permissible under your consent or related to the privacy policy.

6.2 The Company may disclose personal data and any information about your use of the service or any other information that the Company collected as described in previous section to legal government agencies, information technology service providers, banks, payment and transaction service providers, customer support service providers, service providers, marketing and advertising management service providers, business consultants, including any juristic persons or any other person in which the Company and/or you are a party or having legal relations.

6.3 In the event that the Company employs other persons to act as a personal data processor, the Company will investigate personal data protection measures and arrange to sign an agreement to control and protect personal data appropriately and in accordance with the rules prescribed by required law.

6.4 In the event that the Company sends or transfers your personal data outside Thailand, we will ensure that the recipient country, the international organization, or such overseas recipient has a sufficient standard for the protection of personal data. In some cases, the Company may request your consent for the transfer of your personal data outside Thailand, subject to the requirements under the Personal Data Protection Law.

6.5 The Company will amend the policy, rule, and regulation on personal data protection as frequently, necessary, and appropriate. Moreover, the Company's executives, staffs, employees, contractors, agents, advisers, and data receivers are obligated to keep the personal data in confidence pursuant to confidentiality measures provided by the Company.

The Retention and Retention Period of Your Personal Data

The Company has information security measures and the period of retention of your personal data as follows:

7.1 The Company collects your personal data in paper, digital, and voice, and also collects the backup data on cloud at our trusted data centers who obtain the international standards on information security measures. The persons who are able to access to the data must be granted the access right as specified by the Company.

7.2 The Company has standard procedures to deal with any suspected personal data breaches. For any complaints concerning breaches of customer privacy and data leak, the Company will immediately investigate to solve the case.

7.3 The personal data will be kept for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this Notice or within the effective period of contract engagement, or within the period of the exercise of the legal claims.

7.4 When the data is no longer required for the purposes and by applicable laws, within a reasonable time, the Company will delete or destroy, or make the data non-identifiable to indicate the data owner.

Rights of the Data Subject

You, as the Data Subject, have the following rights in relation to personal data:

8.1 Right to withdraw consent:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of his/her personal data given to the Company at any time during the period his/her personal data is kept with us.

8.2 Right of access:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to access his/her personal data and request the Company to make a copy of such personal data and provided the same to the Data Subject, as well as request the Company to disclose how the Data Subject’s personal data was collected.

8.3 Right to rectification:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to request the Company to rectify any incorrect personal data or add any incomplete personal data.

8.4 Right to erasure:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to request the Company to erase his/her personal data for certain reasons.

8.5 Right to restriction of processing:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to restrict the use of his/her personal data for certain reasons.

8.6 Right to data portability:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to require the Company to transfer the personal data provided by the Data Subject with the Company to another data controller or the Data Subject for certain reasons.

8.7 Right to object:

  • The Data Subject shall have the right to object the processing of his/her personal data for certain reasons.

You may contact the Company or to file a request to proceed with the above rights.

The Company has the right to refuse any request that is a dishonest exercise of the right, unreasonable requests, requests that are not provided by law and/or requests that cannot be fulfilled. In addition, the Company has the right to reject your request in accordance with the rules stipulated by the law.

Marketing Activities and Campaigns

During the period of services, the Company will send or present you an information about marketing activities and campaigns about products and services which you will be interested in. You can cancel your consent for being informed such an information through channels specified by the Company.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. You can learn more about cookies by clicking this link

How do we use cookies?

Our website uses cookies to establish anonymized statistics about browsing experience on our sites. By collecting your data, we will use it to improve and develop our website service to serve you a better and easier user experience.

Which type of cookies do we use?

We use analytics cookies from ‘Google Analytics’ which is a purely internal research on how we can improve the service we provide for all of our users. The cookies simply assess how you interact with our website—as an anonymous user (the data gathered does not identify you personally). Also, this data is not shared with any third parties or used for any other purpose.

Personal Data of Minors

With the nature of the services and/or products of the Company, we may collect, use, or disclose personal data about individuals under 20 years of age. The Company will comply with the Personal Data Protection Law in connection with the processing of minors' personal data. This includes requesting consent from legal representatives or a person using parental power as prescribed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562.

Refusal to Give Personal Data

In case you deny giving the necessary personal information to us for providing our services, the Company may not be able to provide you our services in part or in full. You may be damaged or may lose opportunity, and it may affect a performance pursuant to any law which you or the Company must comply.

Collection and Use of Personal Data for Original Purposes

For your personal data previously collected by the Company before the effectiveness of the PDPA in relation to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data, the Company is entitled to continue collecting and using your personal data in accordance with the original purposes. If you do not wish the Company to continue collecting and using such personal data, you may notify us to withdraw your consent at any time through the contact channels specified in this Notice.

Link to Websites, Products, and Services of Third Parties

This Privacy Notice is only applied to our products, services, and our website. However, the provision of our services may link to websites, applications, products, and services of third parties. The Company could not be responsible for the security or privacy or any of your information collected by websites, applications, products, and services of such third parties, even you click the link appeared on the services of the Company. In this regard, you should be careful and verify the privacy policy of websites, applications, products, and services of such third parties.

Data Protection Officer

The Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to review the Company’s collection, usage, and disclosure of personal data for conformance with the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562 and other related laws.

Changes to This Privacy Notice

The Company may make changes to this Privacy Notice from time to time, in order to reflect any changes to our processing of your personal data, and to comply with changes to the Personal Data Protection Laws or any applicable laws. In this regard, the Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Notice on the website or any channels without prior notice.

Update April 2022