Outsourced Contact Center Agents

Maintaining your in-house contact center operations can be very frustrating and costly since you have to cope with constantly fluctuating and pressing demands on human resources. Outsourcing your contact center agents seems to be the best option. It will ensure that your problems will be solved in a timely manner when your contact center is understaffed because of unexpected leaves or in emergent situations.

Our contact center agents outsourcing service provides you with specialized and professional workforce located at your own or specified premises to ensure that your customer service can be handled smoothly and professionally. It is designed to help you choose shared resources while managing cost better and improving customer experience. It also enables your contact center to achieve true scalability when needed.

Our service covers the entire workforce management—recruiting, payroll, time and attendance, scheduling, training as well as performance monitoring and quality assurance. Our dedicated contact center professionals receive extensive and in-depth training and testing before being assigned to ensure that they have practical and necessary skill sets to become your trusted brand ambassadors and deliver the best service.

Our strategic workforce planning and management allocates resources based on the full-time equivalent (FTE) standard. It gives you maximum comfort that our service has a viable personnel backup plan in place. You can rest assured that you will always have competent agents with the same skill sets ready to work in replacement in the event of leave or time off.

All in all, it enables you to scale your customer service as needed, eliminate the associated costs of staffing and training in-house, and maintain optimal level of service that keeps your customers happy.