Dedicated Site & Facilities Rental

Exclusive Control, More Privacy with Flexibility
and Less Initial Cost

In the event that a conventional turnkey solution is not a preferred alternative because it has a high initial cost and requires a lot of maintenance, our dedicated site and facilities rental service is specially designed to help brands/organizations with high call volumes implement a contact center that meet their unique physical requirements and business needs. It covers virtually all aspects of contact center environment—i.e., space design, site construction, furnishing as well as hardware and network installations.


  • A tailor-made contact center is built at the customer’s premises or any preferred location where all necessary components are developed and installed in response to business requirements within a desired budget.
  • To add personal touch, conceptual design and thoughtful site decoration can help optimize agent creativity and inspiration.
  • All essential tools are in place for more convenience and efficiency, reducing the ratio of agent turnover and increasing opportunities for new recruitments.
  • Privacy and security can be maximized for today’s demanding contact center operations because there is no third-party involvement.
  • Provide contact centers with the flexibility to make any amendments to existing process without any major lag in implementation time.
  • Less initial investment.