Turnkey Solution

Optimized for Complete Control and Security

Our turnkey solution is built on knowledge and driven by technology for contact center operators who are looking for a solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with their existing business process and system. Immediately ready to use upon installation or implementation, it enables them to avoid the hassle and headache of setting up their own in-house solution.

With our intelligent ready-to-use add-on, it brings enhancement to the system functionality and ultimately fulfills business requirements with less additional charge and none of extended timeline. Also, it is designed to provide operators and contact center managers with a complete and integrated set of tools for performance and quality administration, activity management, and workflows definition.


  • Customized and configured to meet your specific business needs, budget, and space, giving unmatchable time and money savings over the long term.
  • Fully prepared for change management. It is configurable to allow for personalization of certain aspects and functions at a greater extent to meet your changing business requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrated with your existing core system.
  • Optimized to comply with your security requirements.
  • Developed for complete control with increased agility and flexibility of accessing your systems and software, while increasing visibility and access to data and information.
  • Catch up with the latest and most advanced technologies like ASPECT contact center solution, MAXAR contact center-based CRM software, and others in a cost effective and practical way.
  • Full-time contact center supporting team strongly committed to SLAs to provide prompt service and proactive response.
  • On-call support specialists and 1-year quarterly preventive maintenance, with discounted price for annual renewal maintenance plan.
  • Corrective maintenance at no cost in the event of software errors, flaws, failures, faults, or hot issues found.