Workforce Management

Call Center Workforce Management Software

The Right People in the Right Places When You Need Them

Available as a cloud or on-premise solution, award-winning Aspect® Workforce Management™ software helps you accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound, and back office resources.

  • Easy forecast and scheduling of all interaction channels including:
    • Voice
    • multi-session chat
    • email
    • social media and others
  • Forecast staffing requirements across all contact center resources
  • Automatic updates for historical patterns and calculating shrinkage
  • Unlimited "what-if" scenarios to understand the impact of staff,
  • budget or demand variations
  • Real-time alerts when performance is out of tolerance

Keeping your Agents Fully Engaged!

  • Easily view and manage schedules from anywhere using a dedicated mobile app or touch-tone IVR.
  • Accommodate any agent’s personal schedule preferences including:
    • Days per week and hours/week
    • Shift length and start/stop times
    • Workday patterns
    • Lunch/break preferences, etc.

A Modern Intuitive Graphical User Interface Agents Love

Its workforce management interface was created specifically for the call center with a sleek and modern design. We made it easy to use so agents will actually use it.

  • Simplified web-based user dashboard
  • Responsive design supports all major browsers
  • Simpler, faster handling of complex schedule trades and sequential shift bids

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